Develop Your Superpower !


Develop Your Superpower !

1 Day, 8 Hours of Fun, Bunch of New Friends

The Be Like Ada Day was a HUGE Success.


Develop your own superpower...learn to code!

July 19th 8.30am-5pm Vancouver


ONLY for TEEN Girls

Anyone can code. No special skills needed...BUT being able to code GIVES YOU superpowers.

On July 19th join a whole bunch of teen girls just like you and hone your coding superpower.

Want to find out how to make the next Tumblr, the next Facebook, the next great app?

Want to know about all the cool careers you could have because you code...a LITTLE or a LOT?

Come meet a whole bunch of new friends, meet women with cool careers, have fun & learn the fundamentals of programming.

"Coding is amazing...closest thing we have to a superpower."  

Drew Houston, created DropBox

Build Your Superpower